Can you believe the difference the Rx20 makes?!?!

DirtyCarpet-1.GIF - 90.7 K
DirtyCarpet-2.GIF - 80.7 K

DirtyCarpet-3.GIF - 97.1 K

The above photo's were taken at a job site where automotive grease, and oil from a back patio (where auto repair was done) was tracked in onto 3 month old carpets. The homeowner was away and his roomate had a wild party at the home. The guests somehow did not realize that they were tracking this onto the carpet, and thoughout the home. I got a call after hours for some oil on the carpet. When I arrived, I just about fell over. I was about to walk away when I decided since I was already on site, I should at least give it my best shot.


The Rx20 Works

This is the reason we invest in the finest equipment and chemicals,
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